The volume of housing loans also increased in May

According to data from the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS), the volume of housing loans increased to EUR 28.6 billion in May 2019, representing an increase of almost 11% over the previous year. Extremely low rates of Slovak banks help people, but at the same time they raise real estate prices.


The real estate market in Bratislava is full of extremes

The situation in the capital of Slovakia is specific not only on the real estate market. All major companies and government institutions are headquartered in the capital, and Bratislava is one of the richest regions in the Union. Property prices are constantly growing here and are, of course, the highest in Slovakia.


The state wants to provide € 8,000 for energy-efficient homes

High-energy houses will soon be counted. Indeed, all new buildings after 2020 will have almost zero consumption. They also want to help meet this commitment with the help of a new subsidy.


Friendly alumni end up

Friendly salaries savings clients are waiting for change this year. From January 2019, the new rules in the Building Savings Act will enter into force. For new savers, the status of friendly savers is abolished and the state premium is restricted.


We will pay for the energy from January 1st

Confirmed, now finite. From 1 January, we will pay for energy a little more than this year. Renewal refers to all energies, including water and sewage.


The real estate market in Bratislava may run into an insufficient supply of apartments, analysts warn

Since the second quarter of 2017, the number of vacant apartments in the capital has dropped from 4840 to 3646 by now, or 25%.